Resume Writing For Sales & Marketing Managers

We write resumes for sales and marketing managers. We tell your career story through your personal brand, wealth of sales achievements, and depth of selling skills.

Let us masterfully write you a management or executive sales resume that "sells you" for those sales/marketing roles you are pursuing.

How We Boost The Performance of Your Sales & Marketing Resume

Our resume writing service for sales and marketing ensures there are an attractive amount of relevant keywords and key phrases in every document we produce.  

Relevant Sales & Marketing Keywords

  • Hiring managers search for viable candidates using relevant keywords. The concept is very much similar to that used when we visit search engines.
  • When searching for something specific, like a professional resume writer for sales and marketing professionals, we may refine our keyword search to include demographic, niche, and so on.

We Specialize in Writing Sales Skills Resumes for the Following Sales & Marketing Professionals

  • Brand Managers
  • Sales Trainers & Coaches
  • Business Development Consultants
  • Account Coordinators
  • Partnership Directors
  • Sales Directors & Executives
  • VPs of Sales & Marketing
  • Marketing Managers & Directors

Ready To Get Started?

Hiring managers do very much the same thing when searching for viable candidates.

  • They might start out looking for a sales professional, but then refine their search to include a plethora of additional industry-specific keywords; i.e. software-as-a-service (SAAS), pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and so on.

… needs to be translatable into social media platforms.

Executive Resume Writing - Dayton, Ohio - Career Coaching & Resume Writing FirmWhy?

There may be nothing wrong with your resume, but how do you know?

Who’s been your resume expert: you, family members, or friends?

  • Everyone has a specific expertise so don’t be afraid to seek the help of a professional when unfavorable results are received from your resume.
  • Career coaches, interview trainers, and resume writers are available in your local area or online to help with virtually any career challenge you’re facing. Just as you’re an expert in your field, you should recognize that there is someone to assist you.

Achievement-Focused Content & Brand Integration

In addition to relevant sales and marketing keywords, I also write resumes that focus on my client's performance with each employer. When writing resumes for top-performing and sales and marketing professionals, I know that having an equally impressive resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and so on, are critical to presenting your high-end career.

Another element you will find in the resume I write for you is a personal branding statement.

Don't know if you have a career brand that's relevant to sales and marketing roles? 

I can help you identify your newly discovered or established career brand.