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Are You Walking Away From a Career?

No serious career decision or job change is made lightly; however, job seekers are increasingly leaving careers in pursuit of new careers. Certainly a new trend; in fact, it almost seems out of character even by today’s standards.

Landscape changes in people’s everyday lives have attributed to the careers we choose. Think about it. We might have selected that job path in correlation with the degree our parents influenced us towards and were too eager to pay for. Or, we quickly accepted that out-of-character job because it was the smartest financial option in response to a child on the way.

Jobs turn into careers. And before we know it, we’re entangled in a career that may not have been our intention, at least in the beginning. It was chosen for us, or we landed in it.

What better way to foster the ability to career change?

That’s easy! Money.

The pressure associated with career change is alleviated for those who’ve wisely stockpiled the financial backing, obviously, free to culminate operations and reposition themselves with ease.

The result is less financial compensation, yet countered with personal reward — what some might call “feel-good” jobs. Positions that aren’t stressful and demanding of personal time, for example.

Baby boomers are part of the first generation with financial independence to walk away from an established career, unlike their parents before them.

Walking away is probably too strong of a word, considering many who shift career focus oftentimes tap into existing skills when determining their future career change goals.

Either way, leaving something it took so long to build isn’t easy. It takes planning, ambition, and solid belief in starting over. Standing amongst others in the starting line, you’re in company with those who possess varying degrees of dedication and preparation.

Some will succeed while others regret their decisions for one reason or another, only to return to what they left to begin with.

Is changing careers right for you? Is the timing right?

Do you plan to abandon your current career this minute, in a few months, a year?

Plan accordingly to ensure this significant career choice is thoroughly researched and planned.

Changing careers isn’t “foreign” but ensure you know the full repercussions of how it affects you and your career documents; i.e. resume, cover letter, online portfolio … and the interview process.

Have You Chosen The Wrong Career?

It happens more often than we like to think. We choose a career path based not on our interests, innate talents and inclinations – but on the expectations and advice of others.

Or on what we think will result in the highest monetary rewards.

In fact, this last issue is the most common mistake people on.

"I Want To Make..."

Peter Vogt, who writes for the employment website, shared the story of a college undergrad who wrote to him asking for advice, saying: "I want to make at least $90,000 a year and will do just about anything that doesn’t involve a lot of math."

In short, money was this young man's (or woman's) sole consideration in his/her choice of career. Vogt agrees: this person is in for a lot of frustration and disappointment – and in all likelihood, a great deal of stress that is going to shorten his/her life by many years.

More Money ≠ More Happiness

You've heard it before: money does not buy happiness. Actually, that's only half true: money does buy happiness – but only up to a point. And that point is a lot lower than the media and society would have you believe.

According to a study carried out at the University of Liege and published in the current issue Psychological Science, a person's level of happiness does, in fact, increase his/her salary.

Beyond this, people tend to become jaded and dissatisfied about the level of job titles, salaries, and bonuses.

So...what was your dream as a child?

The Rabbi of Nazareth once said, "Unless ye become as little children, ye cannot enter the Kingdom." Instead of thinking of "The Kingdom" as a place in the clouds where people wear white robes and play harps for all eternity, what if the "The Kingdom" is a state of mind?

To children, anything is possible.

Did you dream of being a hero who saves people and fights crime?

EMTs, firefighters, and peace officers don't make six figures, but they do have a high rate of job satisfaction – and, there are usually job openings.

If you aren't sure about what career path your heart would take you along, may we suggest that you read up on Howard Gardner, who was a proponent of the theory of multiple intelligences.

His book, Five Minds For The Future, applies this to what workers face in this new age of increasing change and "information overload."