Professional coaching. Career transformation. 

Career coaching can help you improve your professional performance, steer your career, and resolve job and career challenges. We help you get better results to help "double your salary." Coaching calls are conducted via phone or Skype. 

What difficult career challenge are you facing? 

Sometimes we feel chained to our situations.

In fact, maybe your challenge has you feeling like this girl...

Okay, maybe this is a stretch. 🙂

But, as professionals, we want to...

  • ... get to that next career level;
  • ... whip that resume into shape;
  • ... gain the right job offer;
  • ... generate career success;
  • ... negotiate the best salary.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, there's SOMETHING holding us back. 

Does any of this resonate with you?

Hey there! My name is Teena Rose.

I'm the lead Career Coach here @ Resume to Referral, LLC.

Career coaching can do wonders by giving you a...

  • Strategy Partner
  • Career Ally
  • Unbiased Coach
  • Support System
  • Success Collaborator

There are solutions to just about everything, including what's ailing you.

What's holding you back? Give a career coach a try. Yes. If you allow us to coach you through this next stage of your career, we guarantee that you'll get better results by allowing us to strategize with you and focus your energy in the RIGHT direction.

Our goal is to "shortcut" your job search and build your confidence, so you reach your career goals:

  • Shorter Job Search
  • Boost of Confidence
  • Overall Career Success
  • Double Your Salary

That sounds pretty good, right?

Ready to talk to someone?

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Teena Rose - Career Coach & Consultant

Teena Rose, Experienced Career Coach & Job-Search Strategist
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Take the next step. Because, "If nothing changes, nothing changes," according to Courtney C. Stevens.

Our coaching calls are conducted via phone or Skype. 

We boost your success using accountability and goal-setting sessions. 

We help you focus on the right goals, so you get better results.