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Becoming an affiliate of our referral program is a smart way of adding a new revenue channel to your current career/job-search business.

Affiliate Program for Resume Writing, Career Coaching & Interview PrepWho Our Referral/Affiliate Program is Perfect For

  • Job Boards
  • Interview Coaches/Strategists
  • Career Bloggers
  • Resume Writers
  • Recruiters
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Career Coaches

Our Payout Structure

We pay up to 3X for the same qualified lead.

We are currently offering per-lead (CPL) payouts as well as per-sale (CPS) payouts, which range from $40 to $90 (on average) per client. We offer one of the most optimal referral programs for affiliates. 

Payouts are generated for:

***At this time, we DO NOT pay referral profits for leads and sales from products and select, generally lower-priced services.

For example, our affiliate/referral program EXCLUDES the purchase of books, pamphlets, VIP services, membership programs, and products/services beyond resume writing, career coaching, and job-search services.

Affiliate Interface

Upon approval, affiliates are provided with a username and password to access the affiliate portal.

This portal contains buttons, banners, and content that can be used for promotional purposes by approved affiliates.

When Do Affiliates Get Paid

Affiliate payouts are conducted monthly or quarterly, depending upon the activity of the affiliate.

Essentially, affiliates who generate continued monthly sales are paid monthly.

Affiliates who don't produce consistent, ongoing sales are paid quarterly.

A minimum earning of $25 is required for payments to be initiated.

Earnings below that minimum level carry over to the next payment cycle.

Get Paid up to 3X For The Same Referral/Sale

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