LinkedIn Profile Writing Services — Professional & Done-For-You

Do you need to "dust off" and improve your LinkedIn profile for an upcoming job search? 

That's a good plan.

These days, your LinkedIn profile plays as key a role as your resume. LinkedIn isn't JUST important to your job search, it's VITAL to your search.

But, what's the best way?

How should you set up your LinkedIn profile so it JOB SEARCHES FOR YOU?

That's what we all want.

We want to attract hiring managers and recruiter to us. And, having a well-written and optimized LinkedIn profile goes a long way to getting those results.

Example LinkedIn Profile - Name & Headline

Getting Answers To The Questions You Have About LinkedIn

A LinkedIn page is different than a resume. Right?

Okay. Different. But different how?

Also, what career details SHOULD NOT get included in your public profile?

How do you keep my current employer from finding out that you're in an active job search? 

What LinkedIn settings can help with that? 

You likely have a bunch of questions just like these. 

It's important to know the best strategies for leveraging your LinkedIn profile.

But, it's also important to conduct a confidential job search.

You need a LinkedIn profile strategist who knows how to navigate the tool.

How We Boost LinkedIn Content

We apply advanced writing and marketing strategies to elevate and improve the LinkedIn pages we write.

We focus on 3 key areas:

First, we write keyword-rich LinkedIn summaries. This is important for outlining the skills, career successes, and professional career brand of our clients.

Second, we maximize the LinkedIn skills section. Since LinkedIn is very keyword driven, we leverage the skills section so you get better results.

Third, we utilize calls-to-action to generate job leads from your profile. Leveraged correctly, your LinkedIn page speeds up communication. We do this for you.

This means you'll get better results with us.

Do you have a question about your LinkedIn page?

If yes, call me @ (937) 325-2149.

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■ LinkedIn Headline / We Write a Keyword-Rich, Effective Headline That Draws Attention

■ Summary / We Write a Summary That Complements (not mirrors) Your Resume

■ LinkedIn Vanity URL / We Find an Optimal Vanity URL That Looks Great Across All Your Job-Search Material

■ Skills & Endorsements / We Research & Select Skills That Best Match Your Career/Experience 

■ Adjust Privacy Settings / We Audit Your LI Settings to Help Support Your Privacy Goals When in an Active Job Search


Our LinkedIn Profile Writing Services Includes:

Keyword Rich

We attract HR Managers & Recruiters to your LinkedIn profile by writing keyword-rich content. 

Skills / Education

We optimize the skills, endorsement, and education areas of your LI profile. This helps with job fit later. 

Get Found

We get your LinkedIn profile viewed more by leveraging the right career content. We attract more visitors.

Privacy Settings

Planning to job search while you're still employed? If yes, we'll adjust your LI settings to help with that. 

Help / Guidance

Don't know about the best practices for LinkedIn? We'll guide you with whatever issues you need help with. 

Boost Performance

We ensure your LI profile represents you well to hiring companies. Guaranteed.